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The Booster Club

Who We Are

 Mission Statement:

To encourage parent and community participation committed to fostering and promoting goodwill and fraternal spirit in support of the Chugiak High School Mustangs Football Program’s activities and to raise funds to enhance and expand the football program.


Ricky Brown

Booster Club President

I am a transplant to Alaska. I am originally from Colorado.  My Family and I moved to Eagle River 7 years ago for the Alaska experience.  We have not been disappointed yet.  Our son Marcus is the last one through the Mustangs football program. I  want to carry on the great tradition of Chugiak football and all the great work before me.  We own and operate The Beast Alaska Powerhouse gym in Eagle River.  Where we train for and compete in strongman events throughout Alaska.  I am also a registered nurse at the Alaska Native Medical Center. This is my first experience as a board member.  I have been helping behind the scenes.  My main goal is to promote a positive/winning culture for the boys and to help them have the best experience possible.   

Julia Robinson

Booster Club Vice President

I first moved to Alaska in 2009 and lived here until 2014. My husband is Active-duty Airforce and we were away from Alaska for 6 years. Since moving back, we really liked the Chugiak area. We decided it was the right type of community we wanted to be a part of. We have been in the community for about 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. We have one son who is a freshman and loves football. I did some volunteering for a few booster club events and enjoyed it very much. This year I volunteered to be a booster club member to give back and support the Chugiak Mustangs more! It’s a great time with wonderful people sharing common goals.

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Dylan Youngblood

Booster Club Treasurer

Hello all! I’m a military transplant to the great state of Alaska. My family and I have lived in the Eagle
River/Chugiak area for 17 years. My son is a student at CHS, and a member of the Mustang football team. My wife and I are looking forward to the upcoming season and are excited to assist in their success. When not working you will most likely find us taking advantage of all that Alaska has to offer; camping, hiking, biking, fly fishing, snowboarding, etc. Can’t wait for the hits to start!
"Football is like life. It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect
for authority." – Vince Lombardi

Dan Flodin

Booster Club Member and Announcer

I am a lifelong Alaskan and love supporting Chugiak High School.  I have served on the Chugiak Football Booster Board for 5 years.  Years ago, I was a multi-sport athlete at Chugiak including the 1988 undefeated state championship football team where I played in the trenches as the center and a defensive tackle.  My three kids were are also Mustangs and played football, hockey, football cheer, cross country skiing and volleyballfor CHS. Participating in CHS sports was an important part of my education and development.  I have lifelong friends and memories that are still cherished from my student athlete days.  I grew up in Chugiak and attended Birchwood ABC Elementary, Gruening Jr High and Chugiak High School (1989).  My most important achievement though was meeting my best friend Debbie while at UAF earning a few college degrees. We have been married for over 28 years and have 3 children ages 22, 19, and 17 who all grew up here as the third generation of our Alaska family.


Melissa Brown

Booster Club Member 

Even though we have lived in Alaska for 7 years, I still consider myself "new" to Alaska. I am always learning something new about this place we call home and it is full of adventure.  

Chugiak High School holds a special place in our hearts.  4 of our 5 children have been Mustangs.  I was able to join the ranks and become a Mustang in January of 2022 by becoming a teacher at CHS.  You can usually find me cheering on the Mustangs from the ticket booth. I love getting to know the students and families in our community.  I hope to have a positive impact as I serve in the CHS Football Boosters Club.

Jeremy Robinson

Booster Club Member

Life of Jeremy

Andrea Masterson.jpg

Andrea Masterson

Booster Club Member

My son Aidan is entering into the 10th grade this year and plans to play Football, hopefully kicking.  We moved to the area about two years ago after spending 8 years overseas living in Japan and England. I work for the Air Force as a civilian employee and run the Housing Program for the Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson.  My spouse Luke, is active duty AF and is currently deployed to Jordan.

When it comes to working with the community and private organizations I have  played an active role within the AF as Key Spouse and mentor.  This involved fundraising and making connections within the units to provide resources and support for service members and their families.  Since moving to JBER I have stepped back from this role to focus more on my family and career.

I enjoy traveling, fishing, being out in the sun, and sampling beverages of the adult variety.

Victoria Stewart

Booster Club Member

 I am from San Antonio, and am a born & bred Texan. Football is the religion of Texans, and am proud to have sophomore Rudy on the team. I earned degrees in Advertising/PR, and Marketing from Texas Christian University and practiced for many years in Florida and Texas. I then married the military, only for Jon to bless us by retiring in the most beautiful state in the nation. I now work in insurance, and my employer is a great sponsor to the Mustangs.


Rudy is a twin, and his brother Teddy is in ROTC and wrestling. They have an older brother, Cody, who lives in Colorado. He is 29.

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Jon Stewart

Booster Club Member

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and Air Force veteran. We moved here in early 2008 with the Air Force and I spent my last 3 years here before retiring. One of my sons is on the Chugiak HS football team and a sophomore this year. I love that he’s playing football because he’s learning teamwork, competition, self-discipline, physical conditioning, and fortitude along with all the other players. I’m happy to be a new member of the CHS Booster Club.

Shamara Howell

Booster Club Recorder

I was raised in Washington (state, not DC) and joined the military right out of high school. My family and I have only lived in Chugiak for a little over 3 years, but we adore the area and the community. My son, Ryvre, is a freshman on the football team this year and has enjoyed playing immensely. My husband, Blake, and I have had the most fun watching him play with the Mustangs. When Ryvre said he wanted to play football, I was immediately excited to support the team in any way I could. Being a member of the booster club affords me the opportunity to not only support my athlete, but all the athletes on the team. 


Outside of cheering on my son during sports, I am active duty Air Force, nearing 20 years of service. I work as a paralegal, and have been in this career for about 12 years. Prior to re-training, I was a mechanic for approximately eight years. 


I'm happy to help, willing to serve and looking for more opportunities to be involved and support our Mustang athletes, in whatever capacity I'm able to. 


Chugiak Football Boosters

PO Box 771061

Eagle River, Alaska 99577

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